PLOG Ghana CC Begins Rural Education Project


A United Religions Initiative (URI) Member in Ghana, PLOG, has launched its Rural Education Project, beginning with Shalom International Montessori School (SIMS) located at Dodo-Amanfrom in the Oti Region of Ghana to educate children/youth especially the less privileged with the vision of establishing more across the rural deprived communities in Ghana.

PLOG's vision is to build schools that will breach the gap between city and rural education which if not tackled now, will still leave about 70% of children living in rural deprived communities without any education in their lifetime. For now, our first school is being operated under one wooden shed and a continuous Kindergarten class in a brick building at another location nearby which is in a deplorable state. We have no option but need to discontinue the patronage of these premises for the lack of security, inconvenient teaching and learning environment, lack of teaching, learning and playing aids/facilities but to mention a few.

Encountering the above mentioned problems, PLOG has decided to seek funds and resources to build an ultramodern school facility in the Amanfrom community to curb the problems associated with the operations of our current school. The best part of this school project is that, it will be a stepping stone to building many other sustainable schools in other communities through internal and externally generated funds making our continuous school projects self sustainable. One school built will be able to build another school and another with time, giving PLOG the opportunity to be less dependable on foreign or external aid to continue the project.

PlogGhana has the vision and mission to Recruit, Support, Educate, Empower and Establish Children/Youth/Women in their future livelihood & career development assist them in all capacity to alleviate their poverty situations. Our credo is based on sustainable development, and thus, apart from social empowerment, environmental protection is our priority so as to make the World a better place for all.

To Support this project please kindly contact:
MR. PETER NANA OBREMPONG, Founder/Executive Director
E-mail:, Tel: 00233-553398687